The Women’s Health Corner

Learning Women's Health with Ease

Nothing is as challenging as maintaining your overall health. Various health risks are occurring today, affecting millions of individuals of all ages. That does include women in all shapes and sizes. That explains the quote of health is wealth. Either every health disorder costs a fortune or your health equates priceless value.

A lot of people today are curious in maintaining an excellent health particularly women. From practicing healthy lifestyle and habits, women’s community find it now extremely vital to be cautious on their health. This happened after finding out some health disorders exclusive only to them. Here are some of the unique health issues and conditions specific to women only.

Gynecological disorder is the leading problem faced by women today. This covers menstruation problem, including menstrual irregularities, urinary tract infection, pelvic-related dilemmas and vaginal bacterium. There are different factors as to why women experience these problems. Few of them stem from lifestyle, habits or vices and genetics. Another problem experienced only by women is the misconception. Alongside the first disorder, a lot of women today go through problems that involve pregnancy. Involved factors why this transpires are the way of living, habits and excess weight gain. When a woman doesn’t have proper lifestyle and suffers from overweight issues or obesity, she could develop hormonal imbalances and metabolic syndrome. This explains why besides infertility, women who are not of the right weight are at high risk of pregnancy loss or miscarriage, preterm labor, SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome and birth defects. Other disorders exclusive to women only are cervical and ovarian cancer.

While there are health risks only to women, there are certain health disorders, too, that make women more susceptible to it compared to men.

Number is too much consumption on alcohol. Based on research, women are more prone to alcohol complications in comparison to men. Alcoholic women may increase their risks for breast cancer, cardiovascular or heart disorder and pregnancy complication. This may affect the learning abilities of the child. Worse, this can contribute to brain damage. Next to alcohol abuse is mental-related disorder. Women are more likely to develop anxiety and depression. Studies proved that every year, 5 or more women today show signs of mental illness, such as chronic depression. Osteoarthritis is another disorder mostly experienced by women. This form of arthritis triggers joint pain, swelling and stiffness that can cause physical disability.

Another disorder mostly encounter by women is stress. Women go through stress more compared to men, professionals say. Compared to 39% in men population, American Psychological Association or APA alongside stressed that 50% of women society today suffers from stress due to various factors. Stress is associated to pregnancy problems; the reason why most women have misconception issues.

Though women have unique health issues, this doesn’t mean men should be less careful of their health. It is very vital that both women and men of all ages should practice healthy living and exercise more.