Dental Problems Caused by Stress

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Difficulties in life can definitely challenge your ability to cope and endure such stressful events. Stress is a silent killer of the modern day man. This is because its effects go beyond psychological. It impacts the physical aspect of the person. People under stress usually neglect or put aside their health that they are subject to many health conditions; and their oral health is one of the first and even directly affected by stress.

Stress is a contributing factor to a number of dental problems. The risks of having dental health issues increase as you experience stress more often. Like mentioned earlier, people who are too busy or emotionally and mentally drained tend to have bad oral habits. Over thinking can affect the usual hygienic practices and habits that eventually cause cavities and tooth decay.

Here are some oral health issues, in which you can find in, that stress can cause and trigger.

Dry Mouth. This condition is the deficit in saliva production on your mouth that makes your teeth and gums prone to tooth decay and infections. Experiencing stress and managing it by taking in medication is also another cause of dry mouth as most of these medications contribute to cessation of salivary function. Without saliva, bacteria can multiply and attack your teeth as your mouth becomes this acidic environment. Saliva is your body’s way of cleansing and balancing the ph levels of your mouth. The side effects of some drugs along with stress and bad oral health habits will damage your teeth and put your gums at risk to gum diseases.

Gum Disease. Stress can affect all aspects of your being and your immune system definitely plunges down. It puts your oral health at risk from gum diseases as your body fails to fight infections. Gum disease is a serious dental issue as studies show that it is a precursor to health hazards such as heart disease and lung infections.

Tooth Decay. There are different ways to handle stress; but the most common way that people handle stress is by eating. Eating sweets and junk food make stress eaters prone to tooth decay. Bacteria love sugary treats as much as you do and the acidic by product slowly wear away your tooth’s enamel until it penetrates the tooth.

Oral Infections and Sores. Having sores in your mouth can be painful and unbearable at times. These are usually white or red spots in your mouth. Stress can contribute to these infections as it lowers your immune system making it hard for your body to fight bacteria.

Stress is normal and is a part of our lives but excessive amounts can affect your health. Physical and emotional tension handled by each person differently and one must always remember that excessive stress can affect or cause weight gain/loss, behavior patterns and can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

You can have a busy schedule and still be able to brush, floss, and use mouthwash. Always know that oral health problems are avoidable and manageable as long as you choose to breathe deep and step away from all the stressful work load and events.