Seniors and Dental Visits: Pointers and Tips

Dental health care is important starting at a young age until you get to your senior years. The mouth can be a playground for bacteria and other diseases if not taken care of. This makes dental appointments a must especially for seniors that are more prone to serious medical conditions and dental problems like tooth decay and periodontal disease.

There are things that we can’t seem to shake off even at old age. This includes anxieties during dental visits and exams that prevent them from seeking dental help. A lot of factors can cause seniors to brush off a supposed appointment like body pains, difficulty in walking, and anxieties. This instance can worsen current dental problems.

Here are a few tips to lessen the nerves and make you more prepared before meeting your dentist.


Schedule. Make a dental appointment with your dentist that is convenient for you and your companion if you have difficulty walking or if you are using a wheelchair. This way, you can prepare yourself days ahead from the actual day of the appointment. This will encourage you to commit to the date of the appointment more because you yourself picked the day. You can sort out all your activities ahead of time.

Dental Problems. Make a list of dental problems that you are currently experiencing or the concerns that you have with your teeth and gums. You can write down poorly fitted dentures, toothache or receding gums and the like. Indicate the number of days you are experiencing pain for toothaches or the scale of pain each time. Making this list will help you voice out your dental problems more clearly and in an organized manner.

Medical Procedures. Bring along a medical history copy for your dentist. This would include all the medical procedures you have had like surgeries and other treatments. Write down all your medical apparatus or attachments as well as pacers.

Questions. Never get scared when asking questions before the appointment and even on the actual day of the visit. This will help you gain confidence and trust the whole process and be more knowledgeable about the procedures you are going to go through. This will clear out doubts and anxieties as well.

Medication.  Make a list of all the prescribed medications that you are currently taking. This will give your dentist a heads up on contraindications and treatments that doesn’t suit you.

Needles. If you have fear of pain and needles, you can always ask your dentist for ways for you to feel less tension during your procedures. Just think it needs anesthetics for procedures to be as painless and comfortable as possible for you.

Always remember that all the efforts in keeping your oral health in tip-top shape will definitely pay off. The rest of your body will benefit from a simple dental visit from your dentist. This will ensure you a better smile and a healthy body in your senior years.