Baby Boomers; Their High Risk of Root Decay

The baby boomer generation is all entering a new phase in their lives. This generation is finally in their senior years and with that comes all the good and the bad when it comes to their dental health. It’s true that people tend to live longer nowadays because of all the technological advancements and activities they can take advantage of especially in maintaining their dental health. The baby boomers have achieved to retain most of their natural teeth unlike the generations ahead of them but the downside is that they are at risk from root decay.

Root decay is closely related to tooth decay. These are concerns that come with aging. For baby boomers to keep those natural teeth and stay healthy, they have to make sure that their oral health is in tip-top shape. Root decay is the bacterial attack on the roots of your teeth. This means the area in between the gum line and the tooth is prone to infection. People who have root decay are more likely to develop serious medical conditions as they age like pneumonia, diabetes, stroke and many more. The risks of developing these diseases are also heightened for baby boomers because of their age group and the period their teeth have been exposed to acidic foods and beverages.

The years of grinding and chewing will definitely take a toll on your teeth. Eventually, the gums will start to recede from your teeth. This will expose the roots of your teeth making it easier for bacteria and plaque formation. Unlike the tough enamel that protects the teeth, your teeth’s roots are covered in cementum. This is much softer and only aims to attach your tooth to your jaw bone. This inner layer of the tooth is twice more sensitive and has soft tissues and nerves that can easily get infected once exposed. Nerve receptors on your teeth don’t function as well as your younger years. This subjects more people to get root canals or tooth extraction because seniors can barely feel the pain of root decay until the damage is far beyond repair.

The great news is as more baby boomers need the treatment for root decay, dentists who work in an emergency dentist offices at developed better preventive dental care plans. This includes treatment and measures especially when your gums start receding. You need to use a brush with soft bristles on regular basis, as tough brushes can contribute to receding gums. It is also important to drink plenty of water as a senior to avoid having a dry mouth and wash away food residue in your mouth that bacteria feed on. There are sugarless gums you can chew on to keep the saliva production going to balance the ph levels of your mouth. Lastly, regular dental appointments and cleanings will do wonders for seniors especially those who are suffering from dental problems.

The dental problems of the baby boomer generation are better addressed now that dentists are more equipped in battling root decay and other dental concerns.