Maintaining Kids’ Healthy Teeth this Holiday Season

How Oral Care Influences Kids

Healthy lifestyle habits can be very challenging to implement during this time of the year. The holiday season can be a great excuse for many people to disregard their oral health thinking that it’s an event that is celebrated only once a year. This mentality often leads to indulging on cocktails, candy canes, and other sweet treats that can ruin your diet and damage your teeth.

Christmas can also affect the dental health of kids and it is something that parents ought to be concerned with. Candies and sweet treats are all part of the festivities and celebration but could easily let dental hygiene slip through your mind.

Fortunately, you can reinforce and encourage your kids to take care of their dental health in the midst of all the parties and events this Christmas season.

Fun Stocking Stuffers. The stocking stuffers that you choose can change your child’s dental habits. Stuffing the stockings with fun toothbrushes can help encourage your kids’ interest in dental hygiene. You can buy toothbrushes shaped like their favorite movie or cartoon character to make them look forward to brushing after meals. Flavored toothpastes are also good presents to join the mix. You can choose flavors that are pleasing to their palate.

Make Brushing Part of the Holiday Fun. Kids can get distracted with all the fun activities like all day cartoons specials, decorations, and baking sweet treats. The best way to incorporate brushing during the holiday is to know your kids’ favorite Christmas songs and playing it every after meal to be their cue to brush. Make the brushing and flossing experience fun and enjoyable for them with

Let Santa Join in the Fun. Nothing encourages good deeds and habits like Saint Nick. Being part of the nice list is what all kids would want this time of year. You can remind them that brushing and flossing every day can definitely give them a spot at Santa’s list. Skipping out on dental care routine is definitely naughty.

The Truth about Sugar Plum Fairies. The presence of sugar plum fairies are literally and figuratively everywhere during this season. Always remind your kids that occasional treats are okay but eating too much sugar can damage their teeth and affect their overall health. Serve plenty of fruits and vegetables during the Christmas season in the midst of all their treats.

The Peppermints. Peppermints are readily available this time of the year. Unfortunately, hard candy like this is the worst type of food for your kids’ dental health. Sugar remains in direct contact with their teeth for long periods of time and it could mean bacterial growth and enamel erosion. If they are old enough, choose sugar free peppermint as it can also help clean teeth.

The young and developing bones and teeth of kids are prone to many dental issues, such as root decay. It is up to you to encourage them to take care of their dental health at a young age for a brighter smile in the long run.