Anxiety Attack & Potential Risks

Mental health disorder has already reached its peak after replacing cancer and heart disease as one of the most rampant and common illnesses across the world. This has been proved by various evidences including the ones that state the almost 25% of American adult population is diagnosed with this condition. Health organization and experts find this alarming particularly after learning that 13%of the 25% affected individuals are kids and young adults.

No wonder mental health-related problems marked itself as part of the top 10 leading causes of someone’s disability.

There are different kinds of mental health disorder. One of the major depressions that affected the lives of both kids and adults is anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder is a mix of apprehension, chronic stress and fear. This triggers different physical symptoms, such as extreme palpitations, fatigue, irritability, persistent sweating and full amount of mental stress. As per stated on records, roughly 19 million American people are affected with this condition. This certain disorder can affect kids, adolescents, adults and elderly. The earlier you spot this problem, the higher chances you get from combatting this problem. One step of avoiding this from getting worse is distinguishing whether you are afflicted by it or not.

There’s a difference between getting anxious because of work or other personal matters and experiencing relentless anxiety because of the unknown. The latter most likely depicts anxiety disorder.

Whenever you feel like fear, apprehension or anxiety is taking over your system, you might be affected with mental disorder. Anxiety disorder involves various struggles that affect your daily routines, like sleeping and eating. It affects your well-being because it reduces your capability to concentrate and get interested with things that you supposedly love. Extreme anxiety disorder also triggers sense of dreadfulness and being tensed. These warning indicators can be accompanied with other health problems, such as chest pain, lightheadedness, hyperventilation and difficulty of breathing.

Since mental disorders are chronic and extremely dangerous to your well-being, it’s essential to know when to seek a professional help from therapists.

There are medicinal drugs that can handle mood swings and reduce anxiety attack. The most common anti-anxiety drug is the Alprazoram. Psychotherapy is also another therapy against anxiety disorder. Health specialists consider this as the most effective therapies in overcoming mental problems. The patient gets a one-on-one session with her therapist along with her 24 Hour Dentist in Los Angeles; and she gets to share her situation. The therapist will educate the patient and teaches her techniques on how to handle mental problems especially when a major stressor or event attacks. Specific therapies may also involve in handling anxiety disorder especially if your case is already on its extreme stage. Cognitive-behavior therapy is an example to that.

Mental health problem isn’t something you should neglect or overlook. Whenever you feel ill out of nowhere especially when you’re alone or when you feel the urge to harm yourself, talk to someone immediately. Encourage and persuade yourself. Reach out.