Maintaining Good Eye Sight

Because we are all adapting the new normal lifestyle, some things require utmost attention, such as our health, in order to avoid further damage. One specific example is taking good care of our eye health.

Health specialists keep on reminding us, especially students, to always be keen and cautious with our eyes. The new normal requires us to spend most of our time in the virtual world, doing classes, webinars and meetings. While we ensure we keep up with the world and these drastic changes, let us not forget the several ways of keeping and maintaining a good eye sight.

As per public advisory tips, here are some useful tips we can utilize to protect our eye health.

  1. Eat healthily. It isn’t just our body figure that benefits nutritious foods, but also our eyes. Apparently, good eye sight starts with the food on your plate. Many nutrients can help improve and protect our eye sight, such as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin C and E. These vitamins slow down age-related vision difficulties, like cataracts. You can start your day with green leafy veggies, eggs, salmon or any oily fish and pork.
  • Quit bad habits. One of the most life-threatening vices today is excessive smoking. Apparently, this doesn’t only cause mouth cancer, tuberculosis and bad breath – but it also affects our eye sight. According to research, nicotine and other products that create cigars can help develop eye-related problems, like macular degeneration and cataract. Such claims were backed with proven stats wherein people with eye issues are usually heavy smokers.
  • Make use of safety eyewear. Whether or not you have eye sight issues, it pays to secure your sight in advance. There are different safety eyewear gears you can benefit coming from, such as those anti-radiation glasses. It protects eyes from computer or mobile screens. Kids and adults can make use of these especially in this pandemic, wherein most of our time demands online presence. However, make sure to rest your eyes once in a while despite wearing glasses. Look away from screens from time to time. Give your eyes a break.
  • Visit your most trusted ophthalmologist or physician. Just like what your other body areas demand, your eyes, too, require professional help. Eye experts know the ins and outs of your eye health. Do not wait for a problem to arise. You can pay your doctor a visit if you wish to ensure your good eye sight.

In these trying times, we all should make sure that we protect our overall health. Consult a doctor if you must. Be as transparent as possible. These people can do their work well if they know your medical or health history.