Few Things to Think About Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer 101

Mouth cancer or otherwise known as oral cancer is where a malignant tumor develops in the mouth. It attacks the surface of your tongue, the inside of the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, and the lips or gums. Mouth cancer may also exist in your salivary glands, tonsils and throat that connects to your windpipe (pharynx).

Symptoms of mouth cancer:

  • Mouth ulcer that causes pain and doesn’t go away after weeks
  • Lumps in the mouth or the neck that won’t disappear
  • Tooth and socket loss that won’t heal even after the extraction
  • Unexplained numbness on the lip or tongue that continues to persist despite treatments
  • Red or white patches on the mouth or tongue

Mouth cancer usually stems from too much smoking along with chewing tobacco and excessive alcohol drinking. Many people got diagnosed with mouth cancer each year and it also develops and likely to progress in adults over the age of 55. They say most men are more likely to get mouth cancer than women. That’s because men are more inclined to drinking and smoking. However, mouth cancer may also develop in younger ages, which is the HPV infection – a disease that typically exists in the mouth, as per https://www.24hourdentistinlosangeles.com/.

But there are types of mouth cancer treatments that may fit you:

  • Surgery. This is to remove the cancerous cells as well as the surrounding normal tissues or cells to ensure the cancer is completely removed.
  • Radiotherapy. It’s more like a light treatment because of beams of radiations that are directed at the cancerous cells
  • Chemotherapy. The most powerful medicine that are used to kill the cancerous cells

These treatments can definitely help and are sometimes combined for stellar results. For example is surgical procedure in combination of radiotherapy to help prevent the cancer from returning.

However, the most powerful solution against mouth cancer is prevention. Do not smoke. Make sure you don’t drink alcohol much. Always consider basic dental care ideas, balanced diet and practice a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, give time for a dental visit. Dental visit is the paramount of identifying whether or not you have the early signs of mouth cancer. Dentists are health professionals that can help prevent, treat all kinds of dental difficulties, including mouth cancer.