Exposure to Heat Health Effects

The exposure to heat increases because of the population these days and also due to the climate change. And as for now, we have the COVID-19 happen and tons of people got infected and most of the people are exposed to heat are outside workers. As we all know our body has to maintain a constant temperature around 35.6c, independent of the surface.

Heat-related illnesses are a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken easily. It is vital you get relief quickly in order to avoid fainting and compromise your heart health temperatures. The heat related illness modifies from person to person and sometimes depend on how a person’s health adapt to heat and cold. Here are some of the illnesses you might get yourself into once exposed to too much heat.

Heat Stress Effects

Heat edema is the swelling when exposed with hot conditions. It affects mostly the ankles and can be addressed when shadowed in a cool area or environment.

Heat rashes are small red spots on the skin that, during heat exposure, induce a prickling sensation. When the ducts of sweat glands are blocked, the spots are the result of inflammation induced.

Heat cramps are sharp pains in the muscle that may arise alone or be combined in one of the other heat stress problems. The cause of this is salt imbalance due to lost sweat. 

Heat stroke is the most serious heat illness caused by heat exposure. Heat stroke happens when the body temperature is greater than 41°c and you suffer from total or partial loss of memory. Sweating can also be a sign of heat stroke caused by hot temperature or exposure.

Heat exhaustion is when you lose excess level of body water and salt due to excessive sweating.

There are other symptoms of heat illnesses such as irritability, nausea, headache, fatigue, thirst, feeling faint, heavy sweating, dizziness, muscle cramps or weakness and high body temperature. These symptoms might dangerous to you. If you feel these symptoms for a week or months, you must see your doctor or check https://www.24hourdentistinlosangeles.com/ for further info. Your personal physician can tell if the body is exposed to too much heat or is just another normal reaction of heat exhaustion. To see health experts is strongly advised especially to elderly people and those with heart-related disorders.

If you find your body sensitive to too much heat, avoid exposure to the sun on hot days, dress appropriately and drink your water regularly.