Dental Abscess: How It Affects Teeth

Dental abscess is a collection of discharge that came from inside the teeth whereas the gum or in the bone that grasp the teeth. It can lead you having bacterial infection.

Generally, it happens as a result of unprocessed dental cavity, a risk or a previous dental work. The only one who can treat a tooth abscess is the dentists, by clear out and remove the infection. It may able to save a tooth with treatment, but in a way the tooth must be pulled. If you didn’t leaving a tooth abscess untreated it can lead to a serious matter, unexpectedly it can also lead to your life- threatening, complications.

Here are some types of dental abscess presented by

  • Gingival abscess is the abscess in the gum tissue that doesn’t affect or influence the tooth and the periodontal ligament.
  • Periodontal abscess is an issue that affects the supporting bone tissue and structure of the teeth.
  • Periapical abscess is when the abscesses start in the soft inner layer or part of the teeth.

The abscess won’t go away if you didn’t undergo in treatment. Whether the abscess crack, you may feel pain decrease significantly but you need dental treatment. If that abscess isn’t removed, the infection may spread to your jaw and to the other areas of your head and neck. On condition of having a weakened immune system and you leaving tooth abscess unprocessed, it may lead harm spreading infection increases more. Here are some signs and symptoms of having a dental abscess: experiencing pain when biting or touching the area, sensitivity to cold and hot food liquids, loss of taste in mouth and fever. Other signs also include difficulty to swallow and to open the mouth.

But don’t worry there is still a way to prevent the situation. First you have to use fluoridated drinking water. Second brush your teeth at least twice a day with your fluoride toothpaste. Third you may also use dental floss to clean your teeth on daily function. Fourth is to make sure you have to replace your toothbrush every three or four months, whenever the designer stubble is already strained. Fifth you must eat healthy food and have a limit on sugar foods and drinks. Lastly, spare time to visit your dental specialist.