Adverse Reactions of Gadgets & Stuff

Intense Effects of Mobile Phones to You

With our fast-growing technology today, it seems very difficult for us, especially to the young minds, to be away from it. With all the things it could give especially entertainment, no wonder kids today are less seen outside their home. They prefer spending their time facing computers or mobile phones.

However, gadgets and technology can take a toll of your health when used excessively. Here are some health risks you will experience should you let this habit continue.

Poor eye sight is the most typical problems caused by excessive use of gadgets. Health experts believed this as computer vision syndrome. Few warning signs of this condition are eyestrain, tired eyes, redness and blurred vision. Fortunately, you can combat this condition through minimizing your eye exposure to radiations. You can also utilize protection gears, like glasses or contact lens.

Insomnia or lack of sleep also can happen when you use gadgets excessively. This can compromise your sleep cycle and of course, your health if left ignored. Naturally, you need at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep every day. In fact, 8-10 hours is the ideal number of sleeping time for individuals.

Injuries caused by stress are very common to those who frequently use their mouse and keyboards. Over time, these tiny movements can irritate tendons and cause swelling on nerves. Physicians called this condition as repetitive stress injuries. Aside from stressed tendons and damaged nerves, spending too much time on computers can put your shoulder, hand and forearms at risk. Injured cells may travel through the bloodstream.

Obesity is very feasible if you don’t do much than sitting for hours, playing games and eating. Because your body is inactive for hours, it promotes excess fat and additional weight gain. Aside from spending time on mobile phones, watching TV for hours also cause obesity, as per

Hearing problems often happen when you’ve been putting on your headphones for hours because of playing video games. When the ears don’t get a break, its vital parts may get strained and not function well. The noise level can induce permanent damage to the cells located in the inner ear.

Although it relieves us from stress, it’s always sensible to take a break from technology and gadgets sometimes. Our body needs to be active outside home. Take a walk, exercise or sleep. Spending your leisure time outside technology can happen. It already did in the past life. So it’s not impossible to be traditional sometimes. Learn to interact with other people without reaching your phones and computers.

Bear in mind that our health should be out top priority. Do not deprive your body all the rest it could need.